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San Luis Obispo County Earth Day 2017

Join us at the 27th Annual SLO County Earth Day Fair & Music Festival on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the El Chorro Regional Park. It is a day to come together as a community to celebrate our natural resources and share sustainable ideas, causes, and products. This is a day to educate, motivate and activate everyone that attends.

Get involved TODAY!

You can make an impact in your community by changing everyday habits.

Shop Local

Reduce the amount of carbon emission released into our air by buying San Luis Obispo County grown produce. Visit local growers at Thursday’s Farmer’s Market.

Say 'No' to Plastic

Plastic pollution is harming our land and oceans, putting our animals and our clean water at risk. Reusable bags and bottles are sustainable alternatives.

Start Composting

Composting turns food waste into natural nutrients that are returned to our Earth’s soil. Vegetable and fruit waste, teabags, and grass cuttings should be composted.