February 14, 2010


We need you!

The Earth Day Alliance is a nonprofit all volunteer organization. Volunteer time and energy is what makes each annual Earth Day event possible.

Share the skills you’ve gained from a life-time of experiences or get involved for the first time. There is a place for everyone who wants to be involved: women, men, children, students, interns, and seniors. Work credit and school credit may be available. Volunteers under 18 years old must have parent’s consent.

Below are volunteer opportunities and dates.
Opportunities include an overview of tasks and duration of need
Volunteers can sign up for as much or as little as they want.

Ongoing tasks and where we need help now:

  • Seek sponsors and exhibitors (now thru April 1)
  • Recruit volunteers (now thru April 18)
  • Social Networking  (now thru April 24
  • Website update & posting (wordpress)
  • Media team
  • Graphic design
  • Staging and logistics

Sign up to be a pre-event Earth Day volunteer, email:  earthdayslo@gmail.com

Earth Day Drawing – this is a major fundraiser. Visitors love it.
We set up a booth and have a raffle like drawing at Earth Day.
Below is a list of necessary tasks. Sign up to help for part or all.
We are looking for a Drawing Coordinator
– Solicit donations  – Pick up donations – Prepare donation display
– Create signs – Design booth layout – Set up booth – Work at booth
– Cleanup – Distribute items to winners – Send thank you notes

Sign up to work on the Earth Day Drawing, email:  earthdayslo@gmail.com

Earth Day Weekend Volunteer Opportunities

  • Set up: Friday, April 19th
    10 volunteers to assist with site clearing, marking space and booth set up.
  • Day of event: Saturday, April 20th – between 7:30am and 6:30pm
    volunteer monitors to work shifts: 2 hour minimum
    Tasks include: parking lot and road monitors; set up and break down; stage crew; recycle / compost monitor and  other miscellaneous duties.

Sign up to help on the day before and day of event at earthdayslo@gmail.com
Questions?  Call (805) 544-8529